Moving Forward Counseling now offers programming for Day Treatment (PHP) and IOP that specializes in those with acute mental health issues. We offer a unique Mental Health program. This includes providing treatment for those who have suicidal tendencies and require stabilization in Day Treatment or IOP with medication management, and other outpatient services.

We treat the following:


Bipolar Disorder

Suicidal Thoughts



Personality Disorders



Mood Disorders



Substance Use Disorders

Our Day Treatment, otherwise known as “Partial Hospitalization program” or “PHP,” is designed to support those struggling with mental illness and need a higher level of treatment than just their usual weekly therapy. This includes people who have struggled with suicidal thoughts, overwhelming grief, mental and emotional instability and even turning to substances in order to cope. While in our day treatment, people will attend 5 days per week and will have the support of peers in group therapy, psycho-educational therapy, as well as 2 individual therapy sessions with a licensed mental health counselor and a medication management appointment to make sure the right medications are being prescribed for proper stabilization.

Our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is for those clients that require the support and accountability to maintain healthy coping strategies while working to manage their mental health. In the IOP group, people attend either 3 evenings, or 4 days, per week and will be able to process their struggles with their peers in group therapy, while continuing to learn and practice new skills learned in psycho-educational groups,  as well as have 1 individual therapy session per week.


Partial Hospitalization, also known as “Day Treatment” or PHP, provides a structured treatment program in an outpatient psychiatric setting. The goal is to provide structure and routine through individual, group therapy and medication management that can help clients regain stability as opposed to getting admitted to an inpatient psychiatric facility. The clinical schedule is similar to what one would have in residential treatment, but instead of staying overnight, people go home in the afternoon after the clinical day has concluded.

Day Treatment (PHP) is a treatment program offered that is similar to a clinical schedule one would receive while in residential treatment. At Moving Forward Counseling, Day Treatment is between 24 – 28 clinical programming hours over a five-day clinical week. This includes group therapy, psycho-educational groups, two individual therapy sessions and one medication management appointment per week.

Intensive outpatient (IOP) is a treatment program offered for those who need less clinical programming and structure than those in Day Treatment. The IOP clinical week varies in weekly programming depending on the track you choose. The evening IOP is nine clinical hours over a three-day week, while the daytime IOP is 14 hours over a four-day week. This includes group therapy, psycho-educational groups, one individual therapy session per week, but does not include a medication management appointment. Although a medication management appointment can be set up through Moving Forward Counseling general outpatient.

We are currently working to get paneled with several of the large carriers. We have enjoyed our relationships with numerous insurance carriers in our general outpatient setting but adding new programs like day treatment and IOP require a different agreement. As a result, we are in the process of securing those new agreements with our insurance carriers. Until we are fully in network with everyone, we will be moving forward by securing single case agreements with insurance carriers. Currently, we are in network with

  • EMI
  • University of Utah Health Plans
  • HMHI
  • Regence BCBS.

Day Treatment (PHP)

Monday through Thursday 8:30 am – 2:45 pm

Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Tuesday through Friday 8:30 am – 12:00 pm Daytime Program

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Evening Program

This depends on several factors. First, insurance usually has an idea of how long they would like their members in each level of treatment. The next piece is how well the client is progressing and if the client is on track to finish near their “discharge date,” or if the clinical recommendation is to continue in the program before stepping down to a lower level of care.

Generally, Day Treatment clients are in the program for 4-6 weeks. IOP clients will be 8-12 weeks.

Our program is on its way to being “one of a kind” because the focus on mental health being the primary diagnosis. Unfortunately, so many people with mental health issues are being put into programs that are “dual diagnosis” but end up being primarily for substance abuse clients. The result is generally the mental health diagnosis clients only connect with pieces of these programs and end up getting some help from their individual sessions only. For that reason, we created mental health Day Treatment and IOP for those people to have their voices heard and have a chance to focus on their mental health struggles in each of their groups and therapy sessions.

We will also be creating separate women’s and men’s Day Treatment tracks soon.

Yes, we can also treat those struggling with substance abuse/addiction issues, but our primary focus of our programming is mental health treatment. So if your substance abuse is secondary, and mental health diagnosis is primary, we can help you.

Once the client finishes Day Treatment, their treatment team will discuss what is the best step-down recommendation for them. This could include stepping down to the IOP at Moving Forward Counseling. Once a client completes IOP, the recommendation will be for that client to continue regular individual therapy sessions with a general outpatient therapist either at Moving Forward Counseling, or a return to their previous therapist they had prior to entering the programs.

In our treatment programs, Day Treatment and IOP, we treat adults that are 18 and up.

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