Addiction does not only mean drugs and alcohol. Addiction, in whatever form, is an escape from overwhelming feelings and emotions that eventually leads to physical, relational, and even legal consequences. You need help getting back on your feet and working on the skills in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.


So many people struggle with depression and the effects depression can have on their ability to function. Whether it is long-term or short-term depression, therapy is an effective method to help you get back on your feet.


Anxiety can be as simple as stressors you cannot get off your mind, or debilitating enough to keep you from calling to order a pizza or even to go to the store because there are too many people there. Working to better understand and manage anxiety can help you navigate life with more confidence.


Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization, EMDR, is the most effective treatment modality for trauma, including those suffering from PTSD. Using EMDR, people can reprocess traumatic experiences that have affected their functioning and return to a healthy existence having moved their trauma to a place where it is just a memory.


Moving Forward Counseling practices affirmative therapy for the LGBTQ folks and not only celebrates you but helps with becoming your true authentic and self-accepting self.


Being in a relationship takes work. Sometimes two people, who care for each other, are no longer understanding how to communicate with each other and have grown apart. There can be healthy and productive conversations once again to find out how to proceed with the next step.


Questioning your faith can be confusing and difficult. When so much of your identity is wrapped up in your faith and suddenly, you’re not sure about anything, this can cause disruption in several aspects of your life. It does take time to heal and learn how to get to know yourself during these difficult times.


It is hard growing up and being a teen during such a difficult time. We can help talk to your child about their issues and help make sense of their world in order to live healthy and happy.


After years of seeing other therapists off/on. I was ready to give up. As I got older I found too many therapists use some standard textbook on you and that never felt like a connection. Too many therapists have to even remember what your situation is, week to week. Then I found Moving Forward and Jason introduced me to Lee. Lee is not a textbook in her style-she is intuitive, caring and patient. She accepts my days of calling and talking without focus, or just venting about my day and anxiety. She is so patient and trains me to work on mindfulness at a different level. I feel that I own and can handle my emotions and spinning thoughts on my own. She has given me back control of how my day starts and ends. She takes thorough notes, so we can come back to issues at a better time. She is now seeing my daughter and has referred the Moving Forward team to many friends. I highly recommend Lee at Moving Forward in Sandy, Utah.